Lynda K.       04/05/19.... 5 Stars

This liner is the best one I have ever seen!

  I was so impressed by these liners, as I bought two of them. I had been  sewing my own until I broke my hand, but mine were not nearly as nice  and well-quilted as Homespun Loft's! And the best thing was the  reasonable prices. You cannot go wrong with these products.


Joyce P.  5*

Linda has made several things for me. I am always very pleased with the results. I just tell her what I want and she makes it!!


Jeanette R  5*

Linda's work is creative, well done and on time. She is dependable and has a lot of inventory. I would not hesitate to give her custom orders. Her work is beautiful.


Katie S. Mar 29, 2018                  

  5 out of 5 stars  


     Such a cute fish pigloo cover! My piggies love it and so do I!...Very well made!
I don't buy my pigloo covers any where else but from 

The HomespunLoft!


JDC on Dec 8, 2018                     

5 out of 5 stars                  

This is a beautiful, awesome Christmas stocking! I love it very much!  I wanted a little bigger stocking like ones I have made myself for our family, but I could tell from your posted info that this one was exactly the kind of stocking I wanted. Also, to my delight, your stocking is way more well-made than mine. Really, I would describe it as perfectly made, and I am sure your other crafts are just as perfect. I do not do Social Media, so I cannot recommend your work there, but my rating is as positive as it can get. Thank you very much for this wonderful, delightful Christmas stocking which I am sure will be loved as well by the person I am giving it to. I am so happy that I purchased it. It was more than worth the money you charged and I highly recommend your work to others. Thank you Linda!