Payment  is expected at the time of commitment to purchase. Custom orders  are  prepaid- no work is started until the item is paid for. PayPal also  Accepts Checks and Debit and Credit  Cards or your PayPal account cash. 

 **IF   your Mailing Address is in New York State--And you purchase this  item--  Then NYS sales tax must be paid to complete the sale. It will be  on the  invoice.

**Because  this shop does not meet the financial income requirements for sales for  states other than my own NYS. I only need to charge state sales tax to  NYS customers. The customer is required to declare their internet  purchases on their own taxes (check with your accountant). I will  provide you with an invoice as needed for your own tax records.


Refunds and Exchanges

 RETURNS-  If when you get your purchase.. and something is not right or  you are  not happy with the item. You have 15 days to return the item.  Please  contact me first so I know the issue- And let me work with you at  my  expense to make it right. All returns MUST have proof of mailing and   tracking on them in USA or Internationally.
 Items must be returned in the same new condition it was sent and free of all smoke /perfume/animal waste exposure.

Once I have the item back- I will then refund  the return postage to get  the item back to me to via PayPal. Or in USA  sales I can convo you  a shipping label to use to return the item with. I  will ONLY refund  costs for using USPS (USA/Internationally)- I can't  refund using another  more expensive carrier. The cost of the shipping  MUST be shown on the  label so I know what to refund. If another carrier  is accidentally used I  will only refund the original postage costs  charged by USPS. The rest  is up to the buyer.

** In the very Rare instance that you asked for  one color for the item  to be made in and when it arrives.. you thought  you ordered another  color or just don't like the color it was made  in-- then the return  postage is your responsibility.

** If the item arrives back to me damaged or  smelling of cigarette/cigar  smoke or animal droppings- then a decision  will be made at that time  for a partial refund.
 ** Please note that Personalized items are not returnable. If an item   has a name embroidered on it.. I send you a picture of how it looks for   your approval before I send it. Just convo and we can discuss.


 and  it just does not fit.. as long as the item  is not soiled or exposed to  any sort of smoke-- then contact me and let  me know.. Send the item  back to me via first class with tracking  please.. When I have it back--  I will refund your postage to get it  back.. and either make you a new  one or fully refund your original price  (your choice).

 ** If the item arrives damaged by the PO-Photos need to be taken and   sent to me to show me the damage before refunds or replacement   discussed. Please keep the Item with the original packaging as most   times the PO needs to also see that for a refund. Together we will get   it sorted out.

 Because of all the reports in the news about packages stolen from front   porches in the USA..IF the USPS tracking information shows that the  item  was indeed delivered ( the Postal people now scan packages when  they  deliver them so everyone knows if it was left on a porch or handed  to  someone)... and you don't have it/or didn't get refunds  will be  made as it is now a matter for your local Police and Post  Office to  handle. ( I can help sort this out too).

Any Questions? Just ask.