Additional Information



1) Gift wrapping and packaging

Just let me know if you need something like this..gift wrap is free. I can't wrap up the hides as Logistically its not feasible.

2) If I get more than one item- Do you do combined Shipping? 

Yes-   the castles and huts have to have their own boxes but things can be   added to that box. I don't overcharge shipping. I refund the excess   postage when I package the items to ship.  

3) Can you change my address?

The  customer needs to change their  address at the time of purchase. You  are given a few times in the  process where you need to make sure the  shipping address is correct. The  address on the invoice is where the  item with be shipped.

4) How many items do I need to buy to get an Order Discount

12   of the same item/order gets a discount. It doesn't have to be the same   color- just same item. Some items are 3-4 to a package. They count as   one item- to get a discount on them-- then 12 packages need to be   purchased at the same time.

5)  I don't see what I am looking for in your shop...would you be interested in making it for me? 

Yes..   I often make items not found in my shop. Please convo me with your   ideas and lets work together to make it happen! If you can think it up-  I  am confident that I can make it!  

6). I don't see the fabric I like.. where can I see more? 

 2 places.. www.JoAnn.com  for either AntiPill or Blizzard fleece.and for cottons.. JoAnn's is ok  or I can direct you other sites to check too. I am  glad to go  shopping!- no extra charge and you can check my blog  www.homespunloft.blogspot.com

7) Can you Embroider my Pets Name on your Items?

Yes-   I have an embroidery machine. Most all items can be made with the  pet's  name on the item. Generally embroidered name is $4.00 more- but  convo  first. On some already made items a name can be added easily-- On  others  it  can't and then a custom order is needed to make a new item.

8) I have Allergies

My   Home/Myself and Family are Smoke Free and While I have Dogs and Cats  in  the house- they are not allowed in my sewing rooms or near my  fabric.

9) VAT & Custom Charges

VAt  & Customs & royal Mail fee  is NOT INCLUDED in the sale price.  Customers need to pay the VAT &  custom charges & Royal Mail  fees as set by their government. This  shop is not responsible for those  fees and charges.

10) What about my personal information? Is it safe?

I   do not have access to your banking information. I do have your address   and email but only to be able to ship your package to you. I have no   mailing list and nor do I collect that information. Your email is to   actually make the payment and for me to reach you with questions on  your  order. You will also have my address and email once we have a  sale.  See my policies for more info on this at the bottom of the page.